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Can I repair the locks myself?

Lock repair is not always easy because the problem isn't always apparent according to our technicians. If you realize that the door locks do not lock well due to the loose strike plate, you can tighten the screws. You can also remove the weather seals that keep the door from closing well but don't interfere with complex issues.

Are good locks sufficient for home security?

Most definitely, lock replacement with new age, resistant door locks will make a huge difference to your security. Though, the more security devices and alarms you install - the better! Be smart! Get good systems but also think of obvious everyday tricks. Lock your doors, replace the hollow door and trim the tree close to the window.

Why should I call a locksmith service if I am locked out of my car?

It takes several expensive tools and techniques to open up a locked car and they are not found everywhere. That is why our experts suggest calling one of our locksmiths to lessen any possible damages to your car.

Is there any reason why I need to go for more expensive and high-grade locks?

While most conventional locks do a fantastic job of keeping your home safe and sound, there are legitimate reasons why high-grade locks are preferable. Locksmith Phoenix experts can tell you that high-grade locks are far more efficient and reliable overall. They will provide a good deal more security.

Is a deadbolt more secure than a regular lock?

Deadbolts don’t use a spring mechanism, which makes opening the door easy even without keys. The bolt stays in place even if you mess with the handle. It also makes forceful opening hard. However, the resistance to picking depends on the design of the lock.

Why is there a scraping sound when I lock the door?

Discover the cause of a common door lock problem and its proper solution in this FAQ video. Check it out now.

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