How to Ensure Sliding Door Security

How to Ensure Sliding Door Security

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Most homes have sliding doors today. They are convenient, allow the penetration of sunlight and are usually made of rust-resistant aluminum. However, what about the security they provide? Are the sliding door locks of your home good enough? We often provide attention only to the front door bolts and forget that sliding doors can also be potential breaking-in points. Their locks must be checked, repaired, and replaced if necessary or potential intruders might easily gain access.

Sliding Doors Lock Repair Solutions

After years of use and depending on the quality of the bolts, sliding door locks begin to wear. They also obtain damage if you keep trying opening them while they are still locked. If the system jams, check to see if the door lockset is aligned with the strike plate. The latch must always meet the hole in the strike plate or the door won't secure properly. If the latch is not inserted all the way, you may want to try loosening the screws a little bit. If the latch doesn't meet the hole, align the strike plate. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws, which secure the plate. Adjust it in terms of the latch and then tighten the screws again. Since you are already there, check to see if the screws are damaged and have them replaced. If the latch still jams, apply some lubricants on it to help it slide smoother.

Lock repair is the answer when you believe in gaining solutions. Though, if the strike plate is distorted or rusty, you should replace it. If you tried to fix the problem and the door still doesn't lock properly, proceed with lock replacement. In this case, purchase a new one and if you want to make your life easier, get the exact same lock you already possess. This way, you won't have to drill new holes, take measurements, and get involved in more complex tasks. You just have to remove the existing lock and install the new one.

Start by unscrewing the screws of the lock and of the strike plate (if you are going to replace it, too). Lock installation is easy. Put the new one in place and tighten the screws. Whether you have replaced the strike plate or not, make sure it is adjusted with the latch or the sliding doors won't lock well.

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