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Keep your children protected

One way of using the door locks/keys properly is to secure the entrances, so that children won't exit the house without your supervision. Our experts would advise you to avoid keeping the keys on the door. Remove the keys from the internal doors, so that children won't lock themselves in the rooms and secure dangerous substances with cabinet locks.

Don't lend the keys

If you have a habit of giving your house keys to friends, remember that others won't take care of your keys the same way you do. They might get lost and who knows where they'll end up. Lock rekey is a good solution to start over since you'll have a new key/lock system but don't trust your keys to anyone.

Take precautions before leaving for vacations

Lock change is the best thing you can do before leaving for vacations and especially if the existing door locks are old. If they are damaged call our team for lock repair and rest assured that Locksmith Phoenix takes care of any problem fast. This way, you will obtain peace of mind while you are away.

Never push the car ignition key hard to the side

The risk of the key breaking in two is extremely high. You should use only minimal force and apply it forward. If the ignition doesn’t work, get it fixed or replaced.

The door and lock should be equally secure

There is no point in installing an advanced lock on a flimsy door or getting a solid door and using the most basic lockset. Make sure that both are highly resistant to forceful opening.

Check a new lock's resistance to common break-in techniques

You should confirm that the lockset has reliable defense against picking. An internal system with six pins is more secure compared to one with five. For a lock to be resistant to forceful opening, it should have a long and thick bolt and a strong strike plate in addition to being made of brass or steel. Ideally, the bolt should be saw-resistant too.

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