Will Keys Soon Belong to History?

Will Keys Soon Belong to History?

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Has technology finally catch up with our needs? Is it possible to carry high tech laptops in one hand and conventional keys in the other? Electronic locks seem to enter dynamically into our lives and with a good cause. Who wants keys? No more hiding those under the mat to avoid a house lockout, no more drawers filled with all sorts of keys that belong to who knows which doors! No more worries about losing them, getting duplicates and wondering whether it is time for lock rekey because we have given our keys to too many friends. Now it's time to deal with codes! Let us start nagging about forgetting passwords in a while but for the time being, let's enjoy the comfort of touch screens. Does that mean that it's also time to wave bye-bye to our keys? That remains to be seen!

Time to welcome the new technology locks

Will Keys Soon Belong to History?Electronic door locks are awesome! First of all, they open easily by just pressing a few buttons. Do you want to change your personal code? That's a piece of cake! You close the door behind you and it takes one pressing to have the house secured. Do you want conventional buttons? Do you prefer touch screens? Some sophisticated security door locks will also integrate a mechanism, which will detect and notify you if someone is approaching your door. They can be connected with your computer or smartphone and allow you to enter tens of different codes.

Does that mean we forget all about old age locks and keys? Is this transition really necessary? The truth is that we must welcome changes in our lives when they increase security! Mechanical keys are fine but we tend to forget locking the door, lose and break them. Who remembers the importance of key replacement and who actually changes keys? You have nothing to worry about with electronic locks simply because you won't have the disadvantages coming from conventional keys. Will soon keys become artifacts in museums? They already are since they are over 4,000 years old. Though, taking them out completely from our lives is hard to believe! That is until someone tells us to throw the transponder key away because our car will open with the sound of our voice…

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